Impact Rated Entry Doors For Hurricane-Prone Florida

From intruders to tropical storms, entry doors play a key role in keeping your home safe and sound. But it is also important for these front doors to meet the stringent requirements of building codes in hurricane-prone Florida.

SIW’s impact products are designed to do just that, and more! Read on to learn more about our impact door installation services.

Impact Tested

In Miami Dade, all entry doors must be impact rated and approved by the county to ensure their durability. Often times, this is achieved by using a combination of heavy wood or aluminum and impact glass. The result is a heavy and durable door that has been tested to stand up to hurricane-force winds.

SIW’s custom front doors are made from dense Honduran mahogany and are 2.375 inches thick, making them extremely strong. This makes it nearly impossible for intruders to break through them, even with repeated smashing or banging.

They also have an outstanding design pressure rating of +65/-80 psi, meaning they meet the most stringent hurricane building codes and offer protection against the elements. This means that they can withstand the powerful winds of a tropical storm or a hurricane while maintaining their strength and visual appeal. This level of durability is important because it can help protect you and your family from the dangers of hurricanes and other severe weather events.


Designed and manufactured to meet the stringent standards of Miami-Dade County’s building code, impact doors protect your home from hurricane-force winds and flying debris that could enter the home during a storm. They also offer additional security benefits as they are difficult to break into, providing a deterrent against burglary and other types of forced entry.

These doors have a thick exterior layer of glass and are strengthened by a polyurethane core and laminating inner layers. If the outer glass does crack during a storm, the inner layer holds the pieces together. In addition, the design of these doors allows for natural light to flow into your living spaces, while still keeping prying eyes out.

Options that feature tinted or frosted glass further enhance your privacy, making it impossible for outside observers to see what’s inside. These designs are an effective way to keep your family safe while promoting energy efficiency and curb appeal. As a result, installing these doors can increase your home’s value and resale appeal while protecting you from the harsh Florida weather.

Security Features

When you’re in the market for replacement doors, consider options that enhance home security. Security features like video doorbells and biometric access ensure that only authorized people are allowed into the house. In addition, homeowners can choose a lock that requires a code to open, which is more difficult to break than traditional locks.

SIW’s impact products are designed with durable frames made of aluminum or reinforced fiberglass, which can withstand a significant amount of force. These doors also meet the strict standards of Miami-Dade County and Florida’s hurricane codes.

The windows in these doors are made from thick glass panes bound together with a plastic-like material like ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral. This means that when an object strikes the glass, it won’t shatter, but rather form a spider web-like pattern.

Visual Appeal

From the rich, welcoming hues of mahogany to the lighter, more inviting tones of pine and the robust presence of oak, our wide range of wood doors enhances homes with their classic beauty. Designed to withstand Miami’s tropical climate, they offer enduring resilience and resistance to warping, cracking and decay. For those leaning towards modern architecture, we offer pivot doors that rotate on a single, central hinge rather than traditional side hinges to create a sleek, unobstructed entrance. In addition, our decorative door lites provide excellent thermal protection while complementing your home’s aesthetic with the timeless appeal of glass. For homeowners who desire the best of both worlds, we also offer Plastpro’s PF(tm) frames, a poly-fiber jamb system that provides the strength and convenience of wood without absorbing or wicking moisture to prevent warping, rotting and splitting.