Crafted with Care:
The Foundation of Every Installation

Located in the heart of Florida, Miami Windows and Doors stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the window replacement and door installation industry. Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the homes and buildings of Miami stand stronger, fortified by our superior products and services. Our reputation isn’t just built on high-quality windows and doors but also on the trust and satisfaction of the countless homeowners and establishments we’ve proudly served.

Our History

Miami Windows and Doors started from the vision of a local Miami team that saw a need for high-quality, durable windows and doors tailored to withstand Miami’s unique weather conditions. Our story is one of grit, determination, and a clear mission – to protect and enhance Miami’s homes and businesses. As a locally operated business, we’ve watched our humble venture evolve across Florida, celebrating numerous milestones along the way. With each challenge, we grew stronger, solidifying our presence as Miami’s premier window and door specialists.


At Miami Windows and Doors, our mission is simple yet profound. We aim to provide exceptional craftsmanship, impeccable service, and products that stand the test of time. For us, it’s not just about windows and doors; it’s about safeguarding memories, ensuring comfort, and elevating the beauty of every structure we touch.

Our Expert Team Members:
The Heart of Miami's Best

Our team is more than just a group of experts; they are the soul and strength of Miami Windows and Doors. Each member from diverse backgrounds brings a unique skill set, yet they all share a common passion: to deliver the best in Miami. With steadfast dedication and unmatched expertise, they work hand in hand with our clients, turning dreams into reality, one window and door at a time.


Our Six Pillars of Excellence

At Miami Windows and Doors, excellence drives everything we do. Rooted deeply within our work ethic are our Six Pillars of Excellence. These pillars define our operations and shape every window we replace and every door we install. They are the backbone of our success and the reason why Miami trusts us with its homes and businesses.


Every window we fit, and every door we install stands as a testament to our honesty. We believe in transparency with our clients, ensuring that they receive genuine products and services without hidden costs or surprises. When we make a commitment, we stand by it.


Our hands are skilled, but our hearts are even more dedicated. Each project is approached with meticulous precision, ensuring that our handiwork stands the test of time. We don't just install; we craft experiences, ensuring every hinge and every pane is perfect.


Miami's unique climate demands unique solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, providing windows and doors tailored for Miami's sunny days and stormy nights. Our products are designed to be both beautiful and resilient, reflecting Miami's spirit.

Safety First

For us, a secure window or door isn't just a product feature; it's a promise to our clients. We prioritize the safety of the homes and businesses we serve, ensuring our installations offer peace of mind, protecting against potential threats and Miami's unpredictable weather.


As a locally-owned business, our heart beats for the Miami community and its surrounding areas. We are more than just service providers; we are your neighbors. This bond drives us to give back, be involved, and continuously contribute to the growth and well-being of our beloved city.

Customer Satisfaction

Your smile is our ultimate reward. We listen, understand, and then deliver, ensuring every client's need is met and exceeded. Feedback is our compass, guiding us to improve and evolve, cementing our place as Miami's preferred window and door experts.

What Sets Us Apart

The Miami Windows and Doors Advantage

Expertise in Miami's Climate

Understanding Miami's tropical climate is vital to our craft. Our installations aren't just about aesthetics; they're designed to weather Miami's unique challenges, from blazing sun to fierce hurricanes. This expertise makes sure that our windows and doors aren't just beautiful but also functional and enduring.

Locally-Owned Commitment

Being a locally-owned business doesn't just mean we've been around for generations; it means we pour our heart and soul into every project. Every window replaced and every door installed carries the personal touch and dedication of a local team committed to excellence.

Comprehensive Warranty

We don't just install and leave; we stand by our work. Our comprehensive warranty is a testament to our confidence in our products and our installations. It's our pledge of long-lasting performance and durability.

Continuous Training

The industry of windows and doors and our team are constantly evolving. We invest in continuous training, ensuring that our professionals are always updated with the latest techniques, trends, and safety protocols. This commitment to learning ensures that you're getting the best every time.

Locally Sourced Materials

We believe in supporting our community, and one way we do that is by sourcing our materials locally whenever possible. This reduces our carbon footprint and ensures quicker delivery and installations for our customers.

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