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Miami Windows And Doors is a locally operated company with a solid reputation for offering exceptional window replacement and window installation services. With an expert team that is deeply familiar with Miami’s unique climate and architectural trends, we excel in delivering custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of both homeowners and businesses. Our steadfast commitment to professionalism and the application of our years of industry experience ensure every project we undertake resonates with our client’s vision.

Our team understands the important role windows play in enhancing aesthetic appeal, ensuring safety, and promoting the energy efficiency of your spaces. We work hand in hand with you, aligning our services with your specific needs to achieve a blend of design, functionality, and durability. This client-centric approach, coupled with our unwavering dedication to quality, has helped us earn the trust and loyalty of customers across Miami, solidifying our position as the go-to window solution provider in the area.

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Selecting the Miami Windows and Doors team for your window replacement needs means entrusting your project to a quality, expertise, and exceptional customer service team. Our dedicated professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to every task, ensuring an outstanding experience from the initial consultation to the final touches of installation. We operate with an unwavering commitment to precision and utmost respect for your property, making your satisfaction our topmost priority.

In addition to providing aesthetically pleasing solutions, we’re committed to delivering products that enhance your home’s energy efficiency and durability. Harnessing top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we craft robust windows capable of withstanding Miami’s dynamic weather conditions. Choosing Miami Windows and Doors means investing in a lifetime of comfort and assurance, as every window we install is built to last, elevating your home’s comfort

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Miami Windows and Doors

Our Comprehensive Window Solutions For Miami FL

Your property deserves the best, and our comprehensive window replacement solutions are designed to deliver just that. Whether you need awning glass windows for better ventilation or impact windows for enhanced security or window repair, our expert team caters to every need. Explore our wide range of services, and let us guide you to the perfect residential windows and commercial windows for your Miami, FL, home.

Awning Window Replacement

Experience improved airflow in your rooms with our specialized awning window replacement services. These windows are perfect for maintaining privacy in spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms while encouraging ventilation. Our team’s proficiency ensures seamless installation, enhancing your living spaces with a modern touch.

Bay Window Replacement

Enhance your home’s aesthetics with our top-tier bay window replacement services. Our window installers focus on delivering a quality installation that allows for panoramic views, infusing your home with an abundance of natural light and giving your rooms a spacious feel.

Bow Window Replacement

With our comprehensive bow window replacement services, you can add an element of space and charm to your home. These curved, elegant windows maximize natural light and lend an expanded view of the outdoors. Our skilled team ensures perfect installation, promising durability, and an impressive visual appeal.

Casement Window Replacement

Invest in casement windows for easy operation and excellent airflow in your home. Our casement window replacement services ensure a meticulous installation of energy-efficient windows that enhance your property’s functionality while complementing its overall aesthetic.

Double-Hung Window Replacement

Enjoy the classic appeal and practicality of double-hung windows with our precise replacement services. These versatile windows promote improved ventilation and are easy to clean, making them a homeowner’s favorite. Our team ensures a perfect fit, contributing to your home’s overall comfort and charm.

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement

Embrace sustainability with our energy-efficient window replacement services. These windows help reduce your energy costs and contribute to environmental conservation. By enhancing insulation, they ensure your home remains comfortable throughout the year.

Picture Window Replacement

Immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings with our picture window replacement services. These large, stationary windows provide unobstructed views and flood your rooms with natural light. Perfect for spaces with scenic views, they serve as living artwork for your home.

Slider Window Replacement

Opt for a modern, minimalist look with our slider window replacement services. These easy-to-operate windows blend form and function, providing your home with an updated look while ensuring optimal functionality. Experience seamless operation with our professionally installed slider windows.

Vinyl Window Replacement

Add value to your home with our vinyl window replacement services. These low-maintenance windows offer durability without compromising style. Available in various styles and colors, they can be tailored to match your home’s aesthetic, enhancing its overall appeal.

Hurricane Window Replacement

Ensure robust protection against harsh weather with our hurricane window replacement services. Especially vital in Miami, FL, these windows are designed to withstand high wind pressures and flying debris. Rely on our expert team for a meticulous installation that guarantees your home’s safety.

Impact Windows Replacement

Invest in peace of mind with our impact window replacement services. These windows are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions and offer excellent insulation and noise reduction. With our expert window installations, these hurricane-impact windows form a protective barrier, adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Window Repair

Window Repair is our specialized service, focusing on the restoration and repair of existing window structures. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and expert craftsmanship, we ensure that windows are returned to their optimal function and appearance. This service provides an economical alternative to full replacement, maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your windows.

Benefits of Window Replacement

Choosing to replace your windows brings many benefits to your property. From improving your home’s energy efficiency to enhancing your property value, our window replacement services transform your living spaces into comfort zones. Discover the multi-faceted advantages of window replacement and how it can redefine the comfort and functionality of your home.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

In Miami, FL's balmy climate, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature can strain your energy bills. You can significantly diminish your energy consumption by switching out your old windows with our energy-efficient ones. These windows boost insulation, keeping your interiors pleasantly cool in summer and cozily warm in winter, leading to substantial savings on utility costs.

Improved Home Value

Enhance your property's market appeal and worth with new windows. Whether you opt for the expansive view of bay windows or the durability of vinyl windows, our team ensures a flawless installation that complements your home's design, thereby elevating its resale cost value.

Increased Comfort

Experience heightened levels of comfort in your home with our replacement windows. They not only improve ventilation but also augment the influx of natural light. Whether you choose the privacy-friendly awning windows or the spacious bow windows, our team's expertise ensures a transformation into a more inviting, well-lit living space.

Enhanced Security

Experience peace of mind with our advanced lock systems incorporated into our new windows. Moreover, our specialized hurricane and impact windows offer an added layer of protection against severe weather and potential home intrusions, making your home a safer haven.

Noise Reduction

Finding tranquility in a bustling neighborhood can be challenging. However, our replacement windows come with double-glazing that effectively muffles external noise, transforming your home into a serene sanctuary amid the city's hustle and bustle.

Easy Maintenance

Relieve yourself from tedious upkeep with our range of windows, including the panoramic picture windows and the easy-to-operate slider windows. Our replacement windows require minimal maintenance, allowing you to save precious time and effort on regular upkeep and repairs.

Increased Natural Light

Embrace the Florida sunshine with our replacement windows that amplify the amount of natural light filtering into your home. Specifically, our picture windows are an excellent choice for rooms with a view, enabling you to enjoy maximum daylight and breathtaking scenery.

Better Ventilation

Enhance the freshness of your indoor spaces with our new windows. Especially our casement and double-hung windows facilitate improved ventilation, helping you maintain a refreshing and cool atmosphere, particularly vital during Miami's warm summer months.

We Are Proud To Serve Miami, Florida, and The Surrounding Areas

Experience first-class window replacement services across various neighborhoods in Miami, FL. Our skilled professionals diligently serve these locations, with every project tailored to the region’s unique architectural style and climate. Miami Windows & Doors built a trusted relationship with these communities, promising top-notch window solutions for every home and business owner.

Our services extend to the following Florida areas:

  • Miami Beach, FL
  • Coral Gables, FL
  • Key Biscayne, FL
  • Gladeview, FL
  • Miami Shores, FL
  • Coral Terrace, FL
  • West Little River, FL
  • South Miami, FL
  • Miami Springs, FL
  • Pinewood, FL
  • Westchester, FL
  • Hialeah, FL
  • Westview, FL
  • North Miami, FL
  • Glenvar Heights, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a window replacement project can be complex, but our Frequently Asked Questions are here to provide clarity. These questions address common concerns, provide expert insights into the window replacement process, and help you make an informed decision. Let us put your mind at ease as we answer your most pressing queries regarding window replacement.

Quality windows should last between 15 to 20 years. However, this duration can depend on factors such as the window material, the climate of your area, and how well they are maintained. It may be time for a replacement if you notice issues like drafts, condensation between panes, or difficulty opening and closing.

Double-pane or triple-pane windows with low-E glass are the most energy-efficient. They have insulating gases between the panes that reduce heat transfer, helping maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Energy-efficient windows can reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable year-round.

The time it takes to replace windows can vary greatly depending on the size and type of window and the condition of your existing window frames. The installation process can take between 30 minutes to an hour per window.

While replacing windows yourself is possible, hiring professionals is generally recommended. Window replacement involves precise measurements and installation to ensure a snug, energy-efficient fit. Professionals also have the necessary tools and experience to ensure the job is done right.

New energy-efficient windows can help reduce your heating and cooling costs by preventing air leaks and reducing heat transfer. The amount you save will depend on the type of windows you choose and the climate in your area.

Window replacement can be done any time of year, but many homeowners prefer spring or summer when weather conditions are generally milder.

Yes, we can replace windows in a historic home. Our team can provide guidance and options that honor your home’s historical integrity while enhancing its energy efficiency.

Vinyl windows are durable, energy-efficient, and require minimal maintenance. They resist fading and don’t require painting. They are also generally more affordable than wood windows and come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home’s aesthetic.

Yes, it’s possible to replace a window with a door if the structure and design of your home allow it. This is a more complex project that requires the skills of a professional to ensure proper installation and structural integrity. Our team can assess your home and provide options based on your needs and desires.

Miami Windows & Doors

Customer Reviews

Hear directly from our satisfied customers about their experience with our window and door replacement services. Our customer reviews reflect our commitment to quality, expertise, and exceptional customer service. Read their stories and see how we’ve helped transform homes and businesses in Miami, FL, with our prestige windows and door solutions. 

"I am beyond delighted with the transformative bay windows and sliding glass door installed by the Miami Windows & Doors team. My living room radiates warmth and radiance, brimming with abundant natural light. The team's expertise and dedication were apparent from the initial consultation right through to the final installation. Their services are exceptional, and I highly recommend them!"

The Window Replacement, Miami FL team, installed energy-efficient windows and French doors in our home, and the results are remarkable. Our utility bills have dropped substantially, adding value to our homes and our pockets. The entire process was seamless and punctual, reflecting their commitment to excellent customer service. Truly an outstanding service that exceeded our expectations!"

"Having our office's outdated windows replaced with double-pane windows, full-frame installation, and sliding glass doors by the Window Replacement Miami FL team has brought us great peace of mind. We now have the assurance that our office space is fortified. Their professional approach, combined with their efficiency, made the experience incredibly smooth. I can confidently vouch for their top-tier services to Miami, Florida!"

"Our office recently underwent a slider window replacement and sliding doors installation by this proficient team. The process was impressively smooth and reasonable, ensuring minimal disruption to our daily operations. These new windows have not only uplifted the aesthetic appeal of our office but have significantly enhanced its comfort and energy efficiency. The team's dedication to delivering high-quality work is commendable!"

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