Window Styles in Miami FL

Window styles are a key component in your home’s architecture and can greatly impact its aesthetic. Some provide optimal airflow, while others allow for picturesque views. Some are easier to open while others prioritize energy efficiency.

For South Florida’s hurricane-prone climate, it’s imperative to select impact resistant windows that protect against heavy rains, wind-borne debris, and unwanted intruders. Fortunately, there are many options available to match your aesthetic and meet your performance needs.

Casement Windows

Unlike single hung windows which only open half-way, casement windows hinge on the side & swing outward by cranking a handle. They are designed to maximize ventilation & offer beautiful, unobstructed views of your backyard or water view. They also don’t have muntins (supporting strips between glass panes) so they are easy to clean. They have a more traditional look that can complement any architectural style.

They are also impact rated to protect your home from debris & forceful wind-driven objects during a storm. They are insulated with laminated insulating glass that helps reduce your energy bills & keeps your interiors comfortable year-round. They also have a polyvinyl butyral interlayer that prevents shattering, penetration & air infiltration and meets egress codes.

Our casement windows are available in both standard & custom sizes. We’ll help you choose the perfect size for your home to ensure optimal comfort, ventilation & aesthetics. Contact us today for a free quote!

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing ventilation on the top, bottom or both. They also offer easy cleaning from inside your home and remain flush with the wall without occupying additional space. Double-Hung windows can be customized with a wide range of features, including low-E glass that reduces energy consumption and costs while preserving your home’s comfort. This innovative option helps to reduce energy bills by reducing heat transfer and protecting furnishings from UV damage.

Wood double-hung windows bring a sense of warmth and classic beauty to your home, and they are available in a variety of finishes that can be stained or painted to match any architectural style. They’re an excellent choice for homeowners who are unsure of what materials to choose, as they can easily be tailored to meet the specific needs of your home renovation project. These windows are also available in hurricane impact glass that provides increased strength and protection to help protect your family and property from the destructive forces of a Florida storm.

Slider Windows

If you’re looking for a window style that provides expansive views of the outdoors, plenty of ventilation, and easy operation, look no further than single-hung slider windows. These windows have sashes that move side to side on sliding tracks, making them an ideal option for living areas in which you want to frame a scenic view of Pembroke Pines’s beautiful landscape and serene beaches.

Unlike windows that open outward, sliders don’t require space to maneuver, making them ideal for locations adjacent to patios or walkways that would be difficult to access if the windows opened outward. They also offer superior energy efficiency because their simple design doesn’t include complex parts that can leak air.

Specialty slider windows include corner, lift and slide, and tilt and slide options that cater to a range of architectural styles. You can even get impact-rated slider windows for unparalleled protection against high winds and severe weather conditions. Check each window’s performance grade and design pressure rating to ensure that it meets your needs.

Bay & Bow Windows

A bay window adds a touch of luxury to your home. It can frame a big view, create a cozy reading nook and fill your home with natural light. Depending on the design, it can also double as a showplace for flowers or decorations.

Bay windows come in a range of materials, from wood to fiberglass and vinyl. While wood offers a classic look, fiberglass and vinyl deliver sleek lines and durability. The latter is an effective insulator and can help improve your energy efficiency.

Eclectic bay windows are a perfect match for Miami, a melting pot of different cultures and architectural styles. A symphony of varied elements, eclectic bay windows combine the classic warmth of wood frames with contemporary glass panes to create a modern and inviting space. When it comes to dressing these curved window features, Heritance hardwood plantation shutters are the best choice. They allow for an easy installation, and their angled or curved outlines provide an attractive contrast to the window’s shape.