Sliding Patio Doors in Miami FL

Patio doors Miami FL

Patios, balconies, and backyards are great relaxation spaces for your home. Easy-to-use patio doors let you access these spaces while keeping your family safe from weather conditions, intruders, and pests.

Patio doors are available in many types, sizes, and materials to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you need impact or non-impact patio doors, they are built to last and come with several valuable features.


Sliding patio doors come in a variety of materials. However, Florida’s proneness to hurricanes and strong storms means homeowners should invest in durable sliding patio doors that offer exceptional resistance to winds and debris. These are known as impact doors and typically meet or exceed strict building codes. They are also a smart choice for seaside residences, as they provide superior protection against saltwater corrosion and other damage caused by coastal living conditions. For added durability, choose aluminum or fiberglass sliding glass patio doors over wood units. The metals are able to withstand higher wind loads and don’t require as much maintenance. Sliding glass doors that feature flush sills help to minimize transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, too. These are ideal for smaller condos.

Energy Efficiency

As a door type, patio doors are not as energy efficient as entry doors. However, they can be more efficient with better construction and maintenance. To maximize energy efficiency, keep track of how often the patio door is opened and closed, and make sure the seals remain intact. Worn seals increase the amount of air that leaks through, reducing energy efficiency.

Using the right framing material also plays an important role in energy efficiency. Some impact-rated patio door frames have insulated impact glass and reduce heat transfer, allowing your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This type of glass also helps minimize outside noise and blocks UV rays that can damage your furniture and carpet.

Another way to improve energy efficiency is through a sliding door with laminated glass. This type of glass has insulating argon gas between the panes of glass, which reduces heat transfer and can help reduce your energy bill.


Despite a profusion of exterior design trends, some door styles linger on and enchant Miami homeowners seeking an ageless ambiance for their façades’ outward appearance. Embracing sleek modernity, Sliding Glass Doors establish a harmonious connection between indoor havens and the picturesque vistas of Miami’s outdoors. With their expansive panels, they allow sunlight and fresh breezes to infiltrate living spaces while maintaining architectural congruence with the surrounding sanctuaries.

Evoking timeless sophistication, Luxury French Doors reflect a masterful blend of elegance and functionality. Often graced with ornate grilles and mullions, these double doors cultivate an inviting ambiance that harmonizes with Miami’s seamless indoor-outdoor lifestyle.


Patios, decks, and backyards are ideal places to relax, but they need to be accessible. Sliding doors allow access without disrupting the privacy of your home interiors. They also provide a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces and are easy to use. Patio doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors to meet the needs of almost any homeowner.

For homeowners in coastal regions, impact rated patio doors are the perfect choice to safeguard against hurricane-force winds and windborne debris. Options with SafePoint Max impact glass offer a level of protection that meets and exceeds the Florida Product Approval requirement for High Velocity Hurricane Zones. Laminated glass also reduces sound levels and deflects 99% of harmful UV rays to keep carpet, furniture, artwork, and other belongings from fading.

Many sliding and multislide patio doors feature simple door locks to prevent the handles from being turned, though some may include a deadbolt to add an extra layer of security. Some also have shatterproof film to thwart burglars who attempt to break the glass to gain entry. Monitored alarm systems, including door and window sensors, can also notify you of break-in attempts.