Why Choose Vinyl Windows For Your Home?

Vinyl windows are a great choice for many homeowners. They are durable, low maintenance, and offer superior insulation which will reduce your energy costs.

High quality vinyl windows are designed for the Southern climate, are hurricane and impact resistant, and withstand seasonal temperature changes. They should not corrode, pit or swell and should be easy to clean.


Vinyl is a low-cost and durable material that resists rust and corrosion. It is energy efficient, does not require painting or staining and doesn’t warp in Florida’s hot environment. It also provides excellent insulating properties. These benefits make it a popular choice for replacement windows and patio doors. The frame can be customized with a wide range of styles and colors. It also comes with a number of accessories and hardware. This allows homeowners to get the most out of their investment.

Aside from their affordability, these windows also provide high performance ratings and can be backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty. They can withstand dents and are easy to clean. They are also ideal for hurricane impact windows, and their design can add to the home’s curb appeal. They can also qualify for a tax credit. This makes them an economical and practical option for Miami homes. They are also a good choice for older houses that need to be updated.

Energy Efficiency

One of the key reasons for installing new impact windows is to cut down on energy costs. This will help lower your heating and cooling bills, resulting in long-term financial savings for you. Vinyl is an excellent insulator, keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Compared to wood windows, vinyl offers a much better value. They are low-cost, durable, and aesthetically appealing. They are a great investment that adds value to your home. They also do not need repainting, and they are designed specifically for the Southern climate.

The low-maintenance vinyl frames allow natural light to illuminate dark areas, and the high performance LowE coatings reflect sunlight and ensure superior energy efficiency. This helps in lowering your energy bill and protects your valuable furniture and décor from sun damage and fading. In addition, all Metropolitan impact windows are Miami-Dade approved and come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today for a quote on our durable impact-resistant new construction or replacement windows.


Whether you’re building or replacing windows, selecting the best ones is essential for your home. You want windows that operate correctly, stand up to harsh climate conditions (especially in the Southeast), and have a long lifespan. PGT vinyl windows are perfect for new construction and remodeling projects because of their durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

PGT offers a wide range of vinyl options for your new or replacement windows. Choose from a variety of frame colors and grille designs for a custom look. You can also select options with laminated insulating glass. This will help your home conserve energy and keep indoor temperatures comfortable.

Compared to aluminum, PGT vinyl is more resistant to corrosion. This is an important factor if you live near the coast and require a window that can resist salt air. You can also pair your windows with casement and awning windows for a cohesive design. You can add extra natural light to living rooms and master bedrooms with EnergyVue architectural picture windows that feature removable sashes.


Unlike their wood counterparts, vinyl windows do not corrode, pit, swell, or require painting. They also offer superior insulating properties, making them ideal for the Southern climate. Additionally, they are hurricane and impact resistant and able to withstand seasonal temperature changes.

They are also more cost effective than their aluminum counterparts, as they don’t have to deal with the oxidation that affects metal. This makes them a smart choice for homeowners on a budget.

Choosing PGT vinyl windows for your home is a wise investment. The company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence is evident in their installation craftsmanship. They carefully position each window to ensure a snug fit that protects against harsh weather conditions and enhances energy efficiency. The result is a beautiful addition to your home that offers both functionality and aesthetics. Their customer-centric approach helps build trust, ensuring that they always exceed expectations. This is what sets them apart from the competition. Their dedication to building relationships translates into exceptional results that you can enjoy for years to come.