Hurricane Impact Residential Windows

In Miami, hurricane impact windows are more of a necessity than a luxury. They protect your home and everything inside it from loose debris that becomes airborne with hurricane winds.

They also provide UV protection that prevents carpets and other fabrics from fading. They can also reduce your cooling bills and keep moisture out of your home.

PGT Custom Windows + Doors

PGT is known for their impact-resistant windows, which help protect homes from hurricanes and other tropical storms. Their WinGuard line meets Miami-Dade County High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements and has never had a reported failure during a natural disaster. They also reduce outside noises such as thunder and lightning, dogs barking, and lawn mowers.

PGT’s products also provide protection from intruders, and laminated glass creates a barrier that will keep family members safe. They can also reduce harmful UV rays that can damage furniture, curtains, and other belongings.

Homeowners can choose between aluminum and vinyl frames for their impact-resistant windows. They can also add upgrades to maximize their energy efficiency and achieve ENERGY STAR certification. They can also choose from a variety of styles, including single-hung windows and architectural shapes.


WinDoor is a PGT Industries subsidiary that produces impact-resistant windows and doors for coastal areas. These durable, energy-star qualified hurricane windows help keep intruders from breaking into your home and offer UV protection and additional peace of mind to your family. Additionally, they reduce energy bills by decreasing solar heat gain in the summer and retaining heat in winter.

Their high-end window products are used in major resorts and high-end mansions across the country and Caribbean. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail have made them the top choice for these severe weather markets. They are certified by AAMA, ASTM, NFRC, Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptances, and the Florida Building Code to meet rigorous structural, wind, and water safety standards. Their hurricane ratings are also important for potential insurance discounts and a higher resale value of your home.

ASP Windows and Doors

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, you should consider having your windows replaced with security windows. These windows can help protect your home from damage during a storm, and they may even qualify you for an insurance discount.

ASP Windows and Doors has been installing impact windows and doors since 2006. They use the highest quality impact glass that can withstand winds up to 270 mph. Their experts will find the right window or door for your home that will be visually appealing and keep you safe from hurricanes for years to come.

They offer a variety of different options to fit your needs, including casement windows and sliding glass doors. They also provide installation services for custom windows and doors.

Ready Windows

Ready Windows provides door and window installation services. They also offer maintenance, inspections, and check-ins to make sure quality work is done. They have a variety of energy saving doors and windows to choose from. They are licensed by the state of Florida and have a good reputation.

Impact windows and doors are a great way to increase the value of your home in Miami, Florida. They are designed to withstand the effects of harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms. They can also help reduce your energy bills and keep your home cozy during the cold winters.

Ready Windows has been in business for 30 years and is proud of their expertise in residential, high rise and commercial projects. They have a dedicated team of professionals who provide excellent customer service.