Door Styles For Your Home

Replacing interior doors is a smart way to give your home a facelift. They are available in many styles and mount configurations, as well as finishes and trims to suit your decor. Some are suitable for specific rooms in the house, like Dutch doors that split at the center to allow the upper and lower parts of the door to open separately.


Sliding doors are popular for their ability to let in natural light and enhance indoor-outdoor living. They also offer a secure barrier against intruders. New sliding doors can be energy-efficient, helping you to save on your electricity bill. They can also help to keep your home cool on stuffy days.

Miami FL is a hurricane-prone area, and the force of winds and flying debris can cause significant damage to your home and property. If you choose impact glass for your sliding door, it will be able to withstand high winds and prevent debris from entering your home.

Euro-Wall’s impact sliding glass doors are Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved, giving you peace of mind. They are available in a range of panel configurations and lite options, including full view colonial and brittany glazing.


French doors have a classic look that can complement homes in all styles. They create a wide center opening and are ideal for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. This door style can be customized with impact glass for added security and energy efficiency.

Hinged patio doors can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate space restrictions, from narrow double doors for condos in Longwood to large doors for ranches in Naples. They can also feature a range of interior finishes, from light natural wood to medium golden oak and dark mahogany.

While sliding and bi-fold doors work well with contemporary properties, the symmetrical appearance of French doors makes them better for traditional homes. These doors have a strong aesthetic that looks great with white trim, which complements colorful Conch-style homes in Coconut Grove and traditional Colonial-style houses in Coquina Sands.


Pivot doors are designed differently than traditional swinging doors. Instead of hinges they rest on a pivot point that can be located anywhere along the top and bottom of the door frame. This creates a defined look that compliments modern homes.

These doors are often designed with a glass panel that allows natural light to enter the home. Some customers opt for coated insulated impact glass to reduce the heat transfer caused by direct sunlight hitting the door panel.

Impact rated Pivot doors are available for homeowners in Miami FL that require protection from severe weather conditions. They are tested to Florida Product Approval and must pass rigorous High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) testing. Hope’s offers a variety of impact rated pivot doors that are both beautiful and functional.

Raised Panel

Add a beautiful texture to your garage door with raised panel styles. Whether your property is rustic-themed or classic villa-style, these doors will complement your home with their gorgeous natural wood color and provide depth to your architecture. Clopay’s raised panel designs are available in both short and long panels to compliment your design aesthetic. Their wood composite garage doors are a great choice for homeowners that want the look of wood without the upkeep. The COACHMAN collection features one- and three-layer steel with wood grain overlays or five-layer polystyrene insulation providing a 5.9 R-value. See how the different options will enhance your home’s exterior with our door designer and request a free estimate.


Dutch doors have been around for centuries and offer homeowners a distinct look to their property. They are designed with a top and bottom half that can be opened separately. They also come with slats that allow homeowners to control airflow through the home. They are an excellent option for summer homes and beach houses.

Greet guests and accept deliveries in style with a Dutch door. This door style is ideal for those who want to let in fresh air while keeping pets and children inside the home.

With the rising popularity of farmhouse design, we are seeing more and more of these doors in modern and country decor settings. The Dutch offers a variety of trim styles, colors, and finishes that make this door style a great choice for many different interior and exterior home designs.