Door Styles for Your Home

Your doors play a critical role in the overall aesthetic of your home. They welcome your family and guests, protect your abode from harsh weather conditions, and help you maintain architectural congruity to achieve an ageless visual narrative.

When selecting a interior door replacement service, expertise and experience are essential traits to look for. A top-notch company will provide clear communication, ensuring your renovation project aligns with your expectations.


The right doors play a critical role in your home’s overall aesthetic. They welcome you and your guests home, protect you from the harsh Florida climate during hurricane season, and cultivate a timeless ambiance for your exterior design aspirations.

Embrace the timeless charm of traditional door styles Miami FL with designs, curves, and details that don’t go over the top. These doors allow light to filter into rooms and create a connection between spaces without looking stark and cold.

Therma Tru’s Fiber-Classic collection blends the strength of an impact-rated product with the look of classic hardwood construction. Unlike wood, these doors will never split, splinter, or crack under the sun and humidity of South Florida. They’re also easy to paint your choice of color, so you can match them with your interior style.


Contemporary door styles offer a more minimalistic look that works well with modern home themes. They also tend to use different shapes and angles, which helps create an interesting design for the doors. These doors are typically made from materials like mahogany or teak, and they can be painted in a color that compliments the rest of the home’s décor.

When paired with an impact-rated frame, these doors can withstand Miami’s wet and humid climate without sacrificing their visual appeal. The glazed options allow for natural light to flow through, creating bright and airy interior spaces. They can also add a sense of refinement to your homes exterior, complementing its elegant architecture. These doors are a perfect fit for Miami homeowners who are looking to elevate their living spaces’ allure and sophistication.

Mahogany & Teak

Mahogany and Teak doors are an excellent choice for the wet, tropical environment of South Florida. They offer a sophisticated look that enhances any home style. Teak in particular, is very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions without the risk of dry rot.

Bellini Mastercraft has been a trusted manufacturer of solid mahogany doors since 1992, for residential and commercial properties across Florida, New England, and the Caribbean. Their custom made Teak doors have been designed and manufactured for unique landmarks such as the PAMM Perez Art Museum of Miami with 3 1/2″ thick Teak oversized doors tested for impact rating and water infiltration by Sabana windows. All their door products are manufactured in their factory in a state of the art facility with precise carpentry craftsmanship.

Sliding Glass

Sliding glass doors, or gliding patio doors, slide open and closed along upper and lower tracks. These doors are commonly found in homes that lead to balconies and patios, and look like large (sometimes panoramic) windows that happen to serve as entrances.

They allow natural light to flood living spaces while promoting visual clarity. This allows homeowners to rely less on artificial lighting, and can reduce energy bills. They can also be fitted with new window treatments that protect indoor areas from overheating sunlight.

To further increase their efficiency, impact sliding doors are glazed with thicker glass, and often feature interlayers that reduce UV radiation. Additionally, their lateral movement provides greater versatility and circumvents architectural constraints such as proximate walls. Impact doors are rigorously tested, Miami-Dade and TDI approved, and protect homes from intense wind pressures caused by hurricanes and tropical storms.

Bifold Patio

Bring sunlight in and blur the lines between your indoor living spaces with beautiful bifold doors. They are a popular choice for kitchens, family rooms and walk-out basements. They work by combining multiple glass panes that stack against one another, creating large openings to bring in light and views.

The thin stiles and reduced hardware of bifold doors make them ideal for wide expanses, allowing more glass panels to be added. When completely retracted, they open to a seamless threshold that welcomes guests and allows refreshing ventilation.

These doors are perfect for commercial spaces that need to integrate their outdoor patio with indoor dining areas. They are also a great choice for homes in Florida as they have impact resistance against hurricane-force wind pressures, water and missile born debris.