Front Entry Doors in Miami FL – Protect Your Home With Impact-Resistant Doors

Front entry doors Miami FL

Front entry doors in Miami FL play a crucial role in protecting your home from unwanted guests and the elements. They also serve to increase your property value and improve its energy efficiency.

When choosing the best front door for your home, you need to consider your specific weather patterns and distinctive architectural style. You should also think about your budgetary parameters and personal aesthetic preferences.


When it comes to protecting your home, you don’t want to take any chances. While normal front doors can withstand a bit of wind, they aren’t designed to hold up against high-velocity winds and flying debris during a hurricane. Fortunately, you can safeguard your property by installing impact-resistant doors.

These doors are engineered and built with specific and reinforced materials, which makes them able to withstand hurricane-level forces. They also have to pass the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Hurricane Zone test. Not only do they protect your home from storm damage and keep out unwanted intruders, but they can also help save you money on energy costs.

With a wide range of styles and finishes, these doors are a great way to boost your curb appeal and improve the safety of your family. Additionally, they can help reduce noise pollution and improve your home’s energy efficiency. In fact, many homeowners insurance companies offer discounts for homes with these durable products.


Whether they’re welcoming you and your family home, protecting you from inclement weather, or keeping out potential break-ins, front doors are a central component of your house. They’re also a major part of the visual appeal of your abode. With all that in mind, it’s essential to choose an impact-rated front door that not only meets the requirements of your climate but also aligns with your distinctive architectural style.

Fortunately, South Florida homeowners have access to an array of beautiful impact entry doors that not only comply with building codes but also enhance the look of your home. From solid wood to ornate wrought iron, you’re sure to find the perfect match. And don’t forget to add a glass insert, which can make your door even more stunning and also provide added security by making it impossible for burglars to see inside your home. This is especially important in areas with high crime rates, such as Miami.


In the tumultuous weather conditions that South Florida is known for, front doors are the first line of defense for your home. They must meet strict standards to ensure your safety during a hurricane and provide a strong barrier against intruders. These doors should be able to withstand repeated smashing, banging, and pushing without breaking.

To be approved in Dade County, a door must undergo a small-missile and large-missile resistance test to simulate damage from flying debris during a hurricane. These tests help to reduce the chance of debris striking your home and causing significant property damage.

Borano’s impact entry doors are made with high-quality materials like mahogany and teak, which are well-suited for the wet and humid environment around Miami. They can be painted in your choice of color and are visually stunning. They offer an elegance that elevates your home’s curb appeal and boosts its market value. The frames are also made of a durable material that helps to insulate the area and prevent drafts from entering.


When it comes to front doors, beauty doesn’t come cheap. The front door is a central component of your home’s style, providing security and boosting energy efficiency. It must withstand the challenges of our tropical climate and reflect your unique architectural style. Luckily, the affordable impact-resistant front doors we offer Miami homeowners deliver on these promises and more.

Our impact doors are designed to prevent damage from hurricane-force winds and hold up to daily summer rains. They are also highly durable and cost-effective, making them the perfect choice for homeowners in Boca Raton, West Delray Beach, and Palm Beach County.

Our affordable exterior doors come in various styles and materials. Wood and fiberglass are a great choice for homeowners who want to keep their costs low, as they are durable, resistant to moisture and rot, and offer good insulation. Steel is another affordable option, but it doesn’t look as attractive and may rust over time.