Door Companies Near Me

When it comes to revamping a home with new interior doors, homeowners require a reliable door company near them that prioritizes expertise and customer service. A top-rated provider will offer a wide range of door styles and materials and deliver expert installation services without making your home into a messy construction zone.

Marvin Windows & Doors

Whether you’re renovating, building new or replacing your existing windows and doors, Marvin offers the best selection of styles, options, and design features. The company’s impact-rated windows are designed to withstand hurricane wind speeds of up to 390 miles per hour, giving homeowners peace of mind. Marvin’s Ultimate window series comes with a broad selection of style elements, including raised colonial muntins and painted wood grain finishes.

The Coastline, Essential, and Ultimate collections are made of impact-resistant glass and reinforced aluminum frames that help protect homes against flying debris, severe winds, driving rain, cyclic pressure, powerful UV rays, and salty air. They also meet Miami-Dade county and Florida code requirements. They’re also aesthetically beautiful and durable, with narrow sightlines that showcase your space and exterior architecture.

Mr. Glass

The company offers a variety of residential impact windows that are designed to resist hurricane-force winds. They are also rated for energy efficiency and can save homeowners money on utility bills over time. The company has a partnership with Schuco, one of the world’s leading aluminum window manufacturers.

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CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors

CGI Impact-Resistant Windows & Doors produces advanced hurricane impact windows and doors for homeowners, architects, builders and developers. Their products offer superior protection and aesthetics. Their products are also energy-efficient, making them an excellent choice for homes in Florida.

Their Sparta Collection is a cost-effective line of impact windows and doors that features six styles with additional tint and grid options. The company’s impact windows and patio doors meet the NFRC and NOA test requirements. Their residential windows can withstand the force of a 9-pound 24 shot at 50 feet per second.

CGI is a manufacturer of hurricane-resistant windows and doors that are made from composite materials. Their products are durable and easy to maintain. They also provide a high level of security and privacy.

Eco Window Systems

Founded in 2008, Eco Window Systems is an impact-resistant window and door manufacturer that offers solutions to fit any budget. Its products are designed to withstand Florida’s harsh weather conditions and provide sound reduction, energy efficiency, and UV light protection.

During a storm, high-impact windows can shield your business from structural damage, water, and flying debris. While they are not 100% shatterproof, they splinter into smaller, less dangerous pebble-size pieces. This helps prevent break-ins and robberies while safeguarding patrons’ belongings.

In addition, these windows help your business save on utility bills. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly and contribute to a healthier indoor environment for your staff and customers. They also offer a 0% sales tax offer, which makes them an attractive option for homeowners and contractors alike.

Alco Windows and Doors

A family-owned company, Alco Windows and Doors offers a lifetime warranty on impact products. They service both residential and commercial properties in South Florida. They specialize in hurricane-resistant window and door installation. They also offer a full range of other home improvement services.

Installing impact windows and doors in your Miami home is one of the smartest investments you can make as a homeowner. These products are designed to lower energy costs, resist high winds and harsh weather conditions, and keep your valuables safe from break-ins.

When hiring a contractor, it is important to verify that they have a valid Florida Contractor License. This license requires that contractors possess four years of relevant work experience, pass a board exam, and demonstrate financial solvency. This will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.