Impact-Resistant Entry Doors For Hurricane-Prone Areas

In Florida, where hurricanes are a frequent threat, homeowners are seeking impact-resistant doors that not only keep unwanted guests out and storms in, but also meet building code requirements for outward swinging front doors. SIW’s front door products provide all of that and more.

They are also visually stunning. Their Borano line of wood exterior front doors is approved in Dade County by passing both small-missile and large-missile resistance tests.


The entry doors on a home are more than just a portal to the interior, they also play a critical role in preventing storm damage and increasing security. In fact, installing a new front door delivers the highest average return on investment of any other home improvement project.

Whether you are looking to boost your home’s curb appeal or protect it from high-velocity winds and storm debris, Therma Tru offers a wide variety of hurricane-impact fiberglass doors. The Fiber-Classic collection of Therma Tru fiberglass entry doors in Miami FL offer the classic look of hardwood construction but won’t swell, rot, or rust in humid and salty South Florida weather.

With two wood-grained collections, and numerous glass designs to match your existing home style, you can easily find a Fiber-Classic door to complement your décor. These doors also feature composite rails to prevent moisture and a polyurethane foam core that boasts up to 4x the insulating R-Value of traditional wood.


With impact-resistant certification, Borano’s mahogany doors meet stringent new codes established after Hurricane Andrew. This testing hurls wood studs at the doors to mimic flying debris such as tree limbs during storms, and a door that passes this test is able to withstand 9,000 cycles of wind loads. This makes a Borano mahogany door a good choice in Florida areas where hurricanes are a real threat.

Of course, the strength and durability of a set of Borano front doors does not come at the cost of style. Using only genuine Honduran mahogany, the company crafts doors that are both visually appealing and luxurious in appearance. These doors can be ordered in a variety of styles, including arched or elliptical entryways and straight cut doors with sidelites or intricate carvings.

The company also offers custom-made doors to match the exact specifications of any homeowner, architect or designer. The result is a set of doors that will enhance any home, whether it is an elegant mansion or a humble bungalow.


Miami-Dade is a hurricane-prone area, and impact doors provide an added layer of protection for homes in this region. They help to keep your home safe from severe weather damage and flying debris, and they also guard against intruders.

They are made with a clear laminated impact glass separated by an inner layer of plastic. Even if the outer layer of glass breaks from an impact, it will adhere to the inner layer and continue protecting your home. This provides a significant advantage over regular doors, which often shatter during a hurricane and can cause gaps in your home’s structural integrity.

Additionally, many homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install impact doors in their homes. This is because these doors protect homes better against hurricanes, which reduce the insurer’s liability. Moreover, these doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and they can significantly reduce heat transfer. This means your house will stay cooler and comfortable throughout the year.


In Miami, your front doors aren’t just for welcoming you and your guests, or protecting your home from the elements. They’re also a statement of your style and culture, which is why our clients turn to us for high-quality iron front doors. These stylish door options make your home stand out while keeping unwanted intruders and weather at bay.

In hurricane-prone South Florida, your entry doors need to keep more than just uninvited visitors out — they must also pass a series of small and large missile impact tests. Our impact-resistant doors have been approved in Dade County, making them a good choice for your home in Wellington, East Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and other nearby communities.

With trendy designs, affordable prices and dependable impact performance, our security entrance doors are an ideal choice for any Miami homeowner. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate. We’ll help you find the perfect front doors for your lifestyle and budget.