Window Styles For Your Home

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting the right windows for your home. In addition to their aesthetic value, they also play a critical role in a home’s energy efficiency and security.

South Florida is hurricane-prone, which makes it imperative that homeowners invest in impact resistant windows that protect against heavy rains, wind-borne debris and unwanted intruders. Here are a few window styles that work well with various home decor and architectural designs.

Casement windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and swing open by pushing outward. This allows them to capture passing breezes and direct them into the home, making them an excellent option for improving ventilation. They also offer a wide view of the outdoors and only require the turn of a handle to open and close. This makes them easy to use for people of all ages and for hard-to-reach spaces like over sinks.

In addition to their aesthetic, casement impact windows also offer excellent energy efficiency. They feature insulated frames and can be double or triple-glazed with an inert gas like argon between the panes. This reduces heat transfer and prevents drafts, resulting in lower energy bills.

When choosing a casement window, it’s important to consider the purpose of the window as well as the architectural style of the building. For example, larger casement windows are recommended for modern or minimalist designs, while smaller ones are better suited for traditional or historical buildings.

Slider windows

With sashes that move side to side on a track, slider windows offer the ultimate in simplicity and efficiency. They’re ideal for living areas where you want to frame beautiful views and provide plenty of ventilation.

Sliders are also available as impact windows to protect your home from Miami’s harsh weather conditions. Hurricane-tested and certified, impact windows meet stringent requirements to resist moisture, salt air, intruders, and environmental debris.

Whether you choose vinyl or aluminum frames, your new slider windows will be built to last. Vinyl is celebrated for its durability and energy efficiency, while aluminum offers a sleek modern look that blends well with most decor styles. Both options also offer corrosion resistance and superior insulation, helping to reduce your energy costs. Some homeowners choose to combine three single-hung windows in the center with two impact sliders on either end, known as an Impact End Vent Slider window or a “Slide Picture Slider”. Standard grid patterns such as Perimeter and Prairie are often requested along with custom grid styles for these wider larger replacement windows.

Single-hung windows

Single-hung windows are a classic choice for homes that lean toward traditional, colonial or Victorian aesthetic and design. These windows feature one moveable window sash, which moves vertically to open and close.

They’re perfect for tall spaces and can increase natural light in any room. They’re also energy efficient and create a tight seal when closed, preventing air leakage and saving homeowners money month-to-month on energy costs.

In addition to their cost effectiveness, single-hung windows are easy to install and offer a wide range of customization options. These include muntins, grid patterns and glass colors to suit any home style.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, single-hung windows can be paired with impact glass for added protection and security. Featuring an impressive Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance rating, our single-hung impact windows protect your property against several threats including straight-line winds, hurricanes and intruders. They’re a great option for any homeowner that wants to upgrade their home and add security.

Double-hung windows

When it comes to window styles, double hung windows are the classic choice. They’re versatile and coordinate with many architectural styles, offering great ventilation control and a timeless aesthetic. Moreover, they’re highly energy-efficient, lowering your utility bills and keeping your home at a stable internal temperature.

They also have two operating sashes that move vertically to allow you to open the top or bottom of the window. This allows fresh air to flow in through the bottom while hot air can escape out the top, creating a natural convection system for cooling your Miami home.

Double hung windows can also be made with tilt-in sashes, which make them easy to clean. These sashes are especially easy to reach from inside your home, reducing the need for ladders or professional cleaning services. Additionally, our impact resistant double hung windows are designed to resist damage from debris during hurricanes and severe weather conditions. These features make them a top choice for protecting your Miami home during the stormy season.