How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home

Replacement windows Miami FL

Whether you’re looking to replace all your windows or just a few, local window installation experts can help. They can also offer customized designs that match your home’s unique style and meet Miami’s high wind resistance standards.

Living in a hurricane-prone area means impact-resistant windows are a non-negotiable feature. They protect from severe weather and can even qualify you for reduced insurance premiums.

Double Hung

Double hung windows allow the upper and lower sash to open independently of each other. This provides great ventilation in Florida’s buggy climate.

The best double hung window brands use a durable vinyl frame and low-E glass designed for the hot climate. They typically include a lifetime warranty.

It’s important to work with an experienced local window contractor. They’ll know how to properly install double hung windows and ensure that they’re water-tight. They can also help you select the right hurricane-resistant impact windows for your home. This will save you the hassle of putting up plywood or trying to improvise other protection methods during a storm.

Single Hung

Single hung windows have lower and upper sashes that slide up and down. They are ideal for rooms where space is limited and they allow fresh air to enter your home.

Window sizes can be a big factor in overall costs. Full-frame installations require replacing the entire window frame, trim and sill, which will raise prices. Pocket installations are simpler but won’t work with older styles or if your frame has significant deterioration.

Protect your home from flying debris during hurricanes and tropical storms with impact resistant windows. Unlike shutters or plywood, impact windows are able to resist wind-borne debris from straight-line winds and even Category 5 hurricane-force winds.


Imagine, a slight breeze flowing through your home, your family all sits around the table, waiting for dinner to be finished. You unlatch the window, swing it open with a turn of a crank, and a view of nature comes into your living space.

With impact casement windows Miami FL, you can experience this dreamy scenario in your own home. These windows offer a wide open view and ventilation, with a minimal sightline that fits many design styles. They are also highly energy efficient. This is thanks to their double-paned glass and low emissivity rating that will help reduce your electricity bills.


Sliding windows open horizontally across the top and bottom of a window frame. They are popular for their ease of operation and large area of glass, which allows plenty of natural light to enter a home.

These windows don’t require any extra space to open or shut, unlike hung windows which can be hard to reach for people of all ages. This makes them great for homes that need a lot of ventilation, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Sliding impact windows also reduce home insurance premiums. They offer protection from both wind-borne debris and negative barometric pressure associated with hurricanes.


Awning windows swing open from the bottom using hinges at the top and are easy to use. They allow for natural light and ventilation even during a light rain.

They provide extra protection from Florida’s harsh weather. Their sturdy construction deters burglars and can withstand the impact of items thrown by hurricane-force winds.

They have an insulating value that helps your air conditioner work less, saving you energy costs. They’re also more attractive to potential buyers than standard windows, so they boost resale value.


Miami residents have a lot to appreciate about their city, including the warm weather, affordable cost of living, and gorgeous beaches. However, it is also important to understand the challenges that hurricane season can bring.

High winds and flying debris during storms can wreak havoc on homes, causing windows to break or become detached from their frames. This leaves families vulnerable and their belongings unprotected.

Impact windows help to ensure that this doesn’t happen. These large, fixed windows offer a tasteful aesthetic and exceptional hurricane protection without obstructing your views.

Bay & Bow

Bow and bay windows are an excellent way to add character, dimension and natural light to your home. They’re also a great option for increasing the curb appeal of your home while saving money on energy costs.

Bow/bay windows consist of a combination of double hung, casement and picture windows set side-by-side at varying angles. They’re often more expensive than standard windows, but they offer a lot of design flexibility.

Our Hurricane impact bow and bay windows are available in a wide range of styles and materials. They’re also rated to resist moisture, dust, and debris to keep your home comfortable and safe.