Sliding Glass Doors Can Be a Point of Vulnerability

Sliding glass doors offer a beautiful way to enjoy sunlight and the view. They also help cut energy costs by reducing heat-gain.

Hurricane-resistant sliding glass doors are built to Miami’s strict building codes and testing standards. They are durable and snap into larger pieces if damaged.

They are easy to keep clean and maintain. However, they can get stuck over time due to dirt accumulation and corrosion.

Impact Glass

Due to their gorgeous design and open view, sliding glass doors make up a large part of many homes in Florida. Although this is great for the sunlight and a sense of space, walls of glass can also be a point of vulnerability in case of storms or break-ins. That’s why impact glass is a must-have for those living in Florida and other hurricane prone areas.

Unlike traditional windows, impact glass consists of a laminated interlayer of polyvinyl butyral that gives it strength and durability. It’s designed to resist 100-150 mph winds and flying debris without shattering. This means that you won’t have to spend time putting up shutters and can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery of your home during hurricane season.

They also reduce unwanted air and moisture infiltration for energy efficiency, protect you from UV rays that damage your furniture, and lower outside noise from neighbors or traffic. Plus, they can help you lower your insurance premiums by qualifying you for a discounted rate.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors allow for natural light, provide a view of your yard or garden and are ideal for letting in fresh air. Unfortunately, due to their all-glass design they are prone to energy loss. This means that your home loses cooled or heated air through the door, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain your thermostat setting. This in turn will cost you money each month on your energy bills.

Fortunately, sliding glass doors can be made to be more energy efficient with impact resistant glass. This will not only keep the temperature in your home stable, but it will also reduce noise and protect from hurricanes and break-ins.

Phoenix Aluminum Products offers stunning sliding doors that are Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved for impact resistance. Their stunning designs are perfect for reducing unwanted air and moisture infiltration, improving energy efficiency to save on utility costs and protecting your home from both hurricanes and break-ins.

Low Maintenance

Sliding glass doors can add a sense of openness to a space and make it feel more spacious. They also allow plenty of natural light to flow into rooms, which reduces the need for artificial lighting and can help you save on your electric bill.

However, over time they may need to be repaired due to dirt accumulation, corrosion, or general wear and tear. Having a reliable team of professionals on hand to perform quality repairs can save you the hassle and cost of replacing them entirely.

The expert technicians at 24hr Door and Frame Service are always on hand to provide quick and efficient commercial sliding door repair Miami FL services. We work around the clock to ensure that our clients’ businesses can keep operating smoothly. We have a wide range of tools and experience in dealing with different kinds of commercial sliding doors, so we can handle any problem you might have. Our experts will get to the bottom of what caused your commercial sliding doors to stop working, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.


The wide opening of sliding glass doors can provide a wide view into your home, and that makes it easy for burglars to casuarina or observe the goings on inside. However, there are steps you can take to improve security.

For example, you can add an auxiliary door lock. And you can also install a metal hinge bar (also known as a Charlie bar) or slide bolt for added security.

For those living in areas prone to hurricane conditions, installing impact-rated sliding glass doors is critical. These doors meet stringent Miami-Dade and Florida building code approvals that protect against wind borne debris and impact blows from intruders. These doors also help to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency. This means lower utility bills and a more comfortable environment. The insulating properties of these doors also help to minimize unwanted air and moisture infiltration. This in turn can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.