Hurricane Rated Entry Doors

Your entry door is more than just a barrier between your home and the outside world. It also plays a critical role in protecting your family from harmful debris during hurricanes and tropical storms.

Our impact doors are designed to meet Florida building codes for high velocity hurricane zones, so homeowners can feel safe and secure in their homes. These durable and stylish exterior doors are available in a variety of styles, designs and finishes to complement any home.

Impact Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are hurricane rated and provide a sleek modern look. They are designed to swivel on a pivot point rather than swing like traditional doors when opened or closed. They are available in outswing and inswing sizes. They come with the option of full glass or true divided lites and can be designed with decorative muntins. They also feature a patent pending flush sill installation option. They are constructed from thermally broken aluminum cladding with a textured finish that mimics the look of wood.

Pivot door openings are often large so they can accommodate large furniture. They can also be made with insulated impact glass to help keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable.

Impact pivot doors can be designed with multipoint locking systems. They use a Swiss round cylinder type deadbolt along with vertical top and bottom pins that secure the impact door panel into the frame. This provides a high level of security that will stand up to a hurricane and resist the pressure changes and impacts caused by the storm.

Impact Rated Glass

A key feature that sets impact glass apart is its shatterproof properties. This is achieved by a laminate layer that holds together when impacted during severe weather. This not only protects homeowners from flying debris during a storm, but it also keeps water and other harmful materials out of the home.

Additionally, impact rated laminated glass is flexible enough to prevent the vacuum created during intense air pressure changes during a hurricane or severe storm. This helps to prevent large sections of the roof or even entire buildings from blowing off and can save lives.

Our impact front doors are available with several etched designs on single and double door glass. These decorative accents complement any style and taste while providing the protection your family needs. We have a wide selection of custom etching and caming options as well. Contact us for more information about our extensive range of severe weather doors and our custom glass etching options.

Impact Rated Frames

Many homes in Florida are located within a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ). HVHZ standards require all exterior openings, including doors and windows, to be impact-rated. These products must pass rigorous testing to receive an impact rating, which may help to lower your insurance premium.

Standard builders’ doors will shatter if hit with flying debris during a storm, but impact-rated doors are designed to stand up to the force and pressure that high wind volume can produce. They can also help to guard against break-ins as they provide a strong deterrent for criminals looking to enter a home or business.

The frame and glass of an impact door are joined with a special laminate layer to create a stronger unit that can better withstand the impact of wind borne debris. The inner frames are held in place by metal tapping screws and the outer frame has an attractive scrolled design to give a sleek appearance.

Impact Rated Pull Handles

Therma-Tru’s Fiber-Classic collection has the look of classic hardwood construction but will never split, splinter or warp in South Florida’s intense weather. This collection is perfect for homeowners looking to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to their entryway without sacrificing durability.

The 450mm offset pull handle offers a distinct appearance that is also popular in apartment entrances. This handle allows the door to be opened and shut without the need for a lock and is compatible with electric strikes.

Industrial pull handles are used on access panels, metal doors and equipment enclosure cabinets. These handles are a great choice for machine applications where vibrations and noise can be disruptive and are made of thermoplastic (PET), thermoplastic elastomer “rubber” or thermoset “phenolic”. They are also impervious to corrosion. These handles come with a standard thru-bolt mount. They are available in several different finishes and sizes.