Window Styles for Your Home

Whether you want to redo your whole home or just some windows, the style you choose will make a big difference. The right window styles will complement your architectural style and create a more comfortable living environment.

It’s also important for Miami residents to consider hurricane-tested high-impact windows. These windows protect homes from wind, rain, and intruders.

Casement Windows

Imagine you and your family sitting around the dinner table enjoying a delicious meal with fresh, natural air circulating through your home. With impact casement windows, you can open your windows wide to allow plenty of airflow and natural light into your living spaces.

Casement impact windows have a hinge on one side and open outward using a crank mechanism. They are ideal for homes that need ventilation or have limited space to accommodate other window styles. They provide a large opening and unobstructed view of the outside world and are available in a range of styles and designs to complement any architectural style.

These impact resistant windows feature double-paned low emissivity glass to help regulate internal temperatures and reduce electricity costs. They are also made to withstand the force of external debris during a hurricane, providing superior protection for your family and property. They also have fusion-welded corners and a double-walled structure to ensure that wind-borne debris does not puncture the glass.

Single Hung Windows

The sash of a single hung window is hinged along the bottom and can be opened by sliding it up or down. This type of window is simple and less expensive than double hung windows. The simplicity of these windows also means that installation is quicker and easier. This also makes it easier for any potential issues that may occur to be diagnosed and fixed.

These windows are great for letting in the fresh air, and they can be easily opened to let in the breeze and a full-sized screen keeps Florida’s insects away. They are also energy efficient, and they can help to lower the monthly energy bills.

USA Window and Doors offers single-hung impact windows that are Miami-Dade rated, meaning that they are hurricane resistant and can protect your home from flying debris. The laminated glass of these windows also helps to control noise, which is important in a busy area like Miami.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows protrude from the home with sharp angles, whereas bow windows feature more of a gentle curve. Both offer plenty of natural light and seating space to enjoy your favorite views, making them great choices for living rooms, bedrooms, or family areas.

Because they create more window space in a given stretch of wall, bay and bow windows are also better at capturing sunlight from different angles throughout the day. This means they can help boost the energy efficiency and market value of your property.

Their unique design also makes them well-suited for creating a cozy breakfast nook or café area, and they can be dressed with a wide range of window treatments. If you’re looking for something special, consider Heritance® Hardwood Plantation Shutters for bay and bow windows in Miami FL. These shutters can resist winds up to Category 5 and protect your family from flying debris and tree limbs during tropical storms and hurricanes.

Impact Windows

Miami is a hurricane zone, which means that property owners must adhere to strict standards regarding hurricane-rated windows and doors. This helps ensure that homes can withstand the high winds, debris, and internal structural pressure changes caused by category 5 hurricanes. It also reduces insurance premiums and increases resale value.

Impact resistant windows help to protect family members, pets, and belongings from flying debris during a severe storm or hurricane. They can also reduce the risk of flooding and help to keep your home cooler during the summer.

Hurricane impact windows are also made from energy-efficient materials, including extra-thick, layered glass and super sealed framing. They can reduce solar heat gain in the summer and help to retain heat in the winter, resulting in reduced utility bills. This is another reason why homeowners prefer them to traditional hurricane shutters, which are time consuming and unsightly. They’re also more durable than regular windows and can be a more attractive alternative to awnings or plywood.