Impact Resistant Residential Windows For Your Home

Residential windows Miami FL

Adding impact resistant windows to your Miami FL home is a great way to protect your property from the elements. It also helps lower your insurance premiums and adds to the resale value of your home.

Window ratings in Miami-Dade County are based on the “Large Missile Impact Test” per ASTM E1996 standards. This tests the ability of windows to withstand large missiles, such as gravel and other debris propelled by high winds.

Impact resistant windows

When it comes to hurricane protection, impact resistant windows are the way to go. They can withstand the intense winds and flying debris that are common in severe Miami storms and hurricanes. These windows can help save you money on insurance premiums, and they can also increase the value of your home.

Unlike conventional glass, impact windows are reinforced with an inter-layer made of polymer. This layer will remain intact even if the window is broken, protecting the people inside the house. The polymer layer also protects the interior of your house from harmful UV rays. Conventional windows do not offer this protection, which can cause fading of fabrics, artwork, and photographs.

It is important to compare the various warranty promises offered by impact windows manufacturers before making a purchase. These warranties can cover everything from labor to installation. They may also cover replacement costs and repair expenses for defective products. You should also read customer reviews before making a decision.

Energy efficient windows

Choosing impact windows with high energy efficiency ratings can help reduce your utility bills. These windows have a lower U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), which is a measure of how quickly the sun’s rays heat up your home. They also have a low-E coating, which is made of a very thin film that reflects infrared radiation while allowing visible light to pass through. Additionally, these windows meet hurricane resistance and water penetration testing requirements. They can also be clad, which means the exterior frame is coated with vinyl or aluminum, reducing maintenance needs and cost.

Energy efficient windows will save homeowners money on their energy bills and offer a variety of other valuable benefits. Incentives are available to make these upgrades affordable for qualified homeowners. You can also choose from a wide range of frames and sashes to suit your style and budget. In addition, the FHA offers financing options to help eligible homeowners purchase impact windows.

Low maintenance windows

When hurricane season rolls around, residents in Florida need windows that can withstand the high winds and debris from a storm. Many homeowners choose to use plywood or curtains to protect their homes, but these methods are time-consuming and don’t offer the same protection as impact windows.

Impact windows are made with tempered and laminated glass to prevent them from shattering during a hurricane. They also feature a durable frame that can resist corrosion from salt water spray. They are also energy-efficient and come with a variety of frame options, including aluminum and vinyl.

They can be used in all areas of the home, including basement non-egress windows. They also come in a wide range of sizes, from small fixed decorative windows to large picture windows that let in the view. However, the cost of these windows depends on the frame and glass type you choose. Typically, larger windows will cost more than smaller ones.

Security windows

Windows are one of the most common points of entry for burglars. By installing security impact windows and doors, you can add protection to your home without spending a lot of money on active protection measures.

Aside from the fact that they offer superior protection during hurricanes and extreme weather, impact windows also make it harder for criminals to break into your home. They have a reinforced frame and shatterproof glass that is much more difficult to break than traditional windows.

They also come in different styles and designs, so you can find the right one to match your style. These windows provide a unique way to increase the value of your home and protect it against the threat of hurricanes. They are also ideal for homeowners who have already installed window bars. You can even upgrade your existing window bars with impact windows for better security. They can also be installed in new construction homes.