Door Installation Cost – How Much Does it Cost to Install a Door?

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Doors are an integral part of a house. They provide security, improve energy efficiency and help enhance the home’s appearance. They are also susceptible to wear and tear from harsh weather conditions, especially sunlight exposure.

Door installation costs can vary depending on the type and size of door, frame, framing needs, labor prices, supplies and hardware.


Depending on the door style and installation location, materials can drive up the price of the project. Homeowners are often responsible for buying supplies, including hinges and hardware. Hinges can cost $2 to $30 each, while locks and doorknobs are typically sold in sets. Wrought iron doors are more expensive, ranging from $1,500 to $7,000.

For exterior doors, the material type and size will affect the cost of installation. Solid wood is more expensive than composite and fiberglass doors. Other factors can include if the door has sidelights or a transom window, or whether it’s a double door.

Labor prices can also increase the cost of a new door installation. A contractor will charge between $40 and $90 per hour, or more. If the door is being installed in a different location, additional wall work may be required. This includes creating a new opening, closing up the old hole in the wall, and possibly relocating plumbing or electrical work.

Door Style

Doors protect a home from the elements, provide security, and improve its aesthetic. They are also a key component to home energy efficiency and heating and cooling costs. A door can be a major investment, so homeowners should consult with local professionals to make sure they are making the right choices.

Door installation prices can vary depending on the style, size, and material of the door. The style can also affect the price of hardware and accessories, as well as any extra features like a transom or sidelights. Using an existing frame and avoiding custom options can help save on costs.

Other additional expenses include the cost of hinges, doorknobs, and locks. If the door is a pre-hung model, these items are usually included in the cost of the installation. However, if the installer is creating a new doorway or opening up an old one to make it larger, these costs will be higher. It is important to discuss these costs with your contractor before beginning the project.


Door installation costs vary from area to area and are often based on local labor rates, the cost of the door itself, and other additional materials. The type of door will also impact the final cost. For example, a solid door is typically more expensive than a hollow core model. The addition of sidelights or a double door will drive up the price as well.

A home’s doors are important for safety and security. They protect a home from weather elements and pests, provide privacy and light control, and add beauty and value. A door is usually replaced when it becomes difficult to open and close; if it’s letting in air or daylight, or is outdated. Installing a new door can improve energy efficiency, increase home security, and provide a fresh look for the interior. Door installation can be done by a professional or by a handyperson. If homeowners choose to install the door themselves, they must purchase the necessary materials and hardware. These include hinges, knobs, and locks, which range from relatively simple and inexpensive to ornate and high-end.


When homeowners decide to install a new door, they should make sure that they understand the process and costs involved. They can ask their friends and family for recommendations, read reviews on Google and HomeGuide, and contact a few companies for price quotes. It is important to ask about extra charges such as drywall, plumbing and electrical work and removing the old door.

Depending on the location, it is usually cheaper to install an interior door into an existing frame than to build a new one. Using the existing frame will also save on labor and materials. Homeowners should also decide whether the door will open inward or outward. If the door is located in a hurricane zone, it is required that all exterior doors be impact-resistant.

Having the right door for your home is crucial to its safety, security and aesthetic. A professional can help you choose the perfect door for your home while staying within budget.