Custom Windows For Your Home

Custom windows Miami FL

Windows are one of the most important components of a home. They should be well-maintained, to avoid leaks and drafts. They can also be a source of heat, so they should be energy-efficient.

Choosing the right window company is an essential decision. Make sure to read customer reviews and check out local companies’ reputations.

PGT Windows

PGT Windows is a leading manufacturer of impact hurricane protection windows and doors. Based in North Venice, Florida, they are a top choice for homeowners living in storm-prone areas. Their impact-resistant products can also help you get deductions on your homeowner’s insurance.

WinGuard aluminum impact-resistant windows meet Florida building code requirements for high-force winds and flying debris. They are also more secure against burglars than traditional windows. They can even dramatically reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of harmful UV rays that cause fading.

PGT’s EnergyVue vinyl windows are a great option for both new construction and replacement windows. They are energy-efficient and offer many customization options. This includes a variety of color options and window shapes. They are also Miami-Dade approved and UL listed.

WinGuard Windows

WinGuard windows from PGT are an impact-resistant line of windows that will keep your home safe from hurricanes and break-ins. They can also reduce outside noise and filter out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping your furniture, drapes, and carpet maintain their color.

They are designed to meet Miami-Dade County’s high-velocity hurricane zone requirements, as well as Florida State Product Approvals. They feature a durable interlayer that resists penetration from debris and helps prevent damage to the glass when it is broken.

The WinGuard vinyl double-hung window is an impact-resistant option that offers superior strength and performance in a sleek design. It features removable sashes for improved ventilation and exterior cleaning, as well as ComfortLift handles. It’s a great choice for locations that are difficult to reach.

ClassicVue Windows

ClassicVue Windows are non-impact windows available in four styles. They are a popular choice in replacement window applications where homeowners want to protect their home during high wind storms. They are manufactured in Ocala and meet the Miami-Dade HVHZ Standards.

ClassicView Windows feature a heavy-duty aluminum frame with insulated glass. They have double weather-stripping and interlocking meeting rails to keep rain and harsh winds out while allowing air conditioning and heating in.

Whether you choose impact-rated WinGuard aluminum or vinyl, ClassicVue or EnergyVue, these windows are built to last. Their durability and longevity is backed by limited lifetime warranties. They are also tested to meet the International Building Code for forced-entry resistance, water and air infiltration and structural integrity. The ClassicVue and EnergyVue collections also offer options for ENERGY STAR® ratings.

EnergyVue Windows

PGT EnergyVue Windows is the newest standard for non-impact windows and doors in Florida. They feature a double pane glass with Low-E and argon gas to insulate the frame. This makes them more efficient than ever and still meets the stringent demands of Florida’s building codes for non-impact products.

These heavy-duty aluminum and vinyl windows are rated for impact resistance and carry certifications from industry organizations like Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, International Building Code, and National Fenestration Rating Council. Their construction is also mechanically fastened, so they are built to last a lifetime.

EnergyVue windows come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit your vision. Choose from single hung, horizontal roller, casement, and awning windows to complete your home’s look.

Impact Windows

Unlike regular windows, impact windows consist of two layers of shatter-resistant glass bonded together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral. This film acts as a barrier between the high outdoor pressures generated by hurricanes and the internal lower pressure of your home, thus protecting your property.

They also reduce noise and help you save on energy costs, thanks to their thick glass. You can easily identify impact-resistant windows by looking for a permanent mark in one of the corner that features the name of the manufacturer, location of fabrication, and certifications.

In addition, installing impact windows and doors increases the resale value of your property. They also qualify you for tax credits. So, why not give your home a fresh look and protect your family at the same time?